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May 15 2018

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Help and Support for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a devastating disease in all its forms. While some have a high success rate, others are aggressive. Whatever type of cancer afflicts a person, treatment will be long and uncomfortable. There are many Free products and services for cancer patients that can provide help and support. Finding them can sometimes be a challenge, especially in big cities and large towns.

An Online Directory

An online directory, Cancer Horizons, strives to offer a comprehensive list of resources. Visitors can search through several categories to become aware of organizations that provide what is needed. One section, entitled "Free Stuff", has sub-categories to guide patients to everything from free hats and scarves, free lodging, and free cancer camps & retreats, among other products free of charge. Something as simple as a chemo beanie allows a patient to be less self-conscious and keeps the head warm.

Financial Resources

Cancer treatment is expensive even with medical insurance. More and more people cannot afford insurance so expenses are a real hardship. There are programs and corporations that offer patients assistance for prescription medications, caregivers, utilities, rent, and life insurance. There is also funding for college expenses, transportation to and from treatments, and groceries. Each listing includes the name of the program, a brief description of what is available, an contact information.


The community support includes shared stories, the location of local support groups, as well as art and inspiration for and by those who have gone through surgery and chemotherapy. What to expect in general terms is outlined for those just beginning the journey to recovery. There is a place to post comments, ask questions, or express concerns and fears.

It is important to get support from people who have gone through similar experiences. No situations, treatments, or emotions are exactly the same from person to person, but there are enough common factors so that other patients can offer real and honest support that is beyond people who have not had cancer.

Counseling services that are available free of charge or at discounted rates are listed online. Handling the pain and discomfort, dealing with depression, anger, and anxiety are but a few reasons counseling is beneficial to patients. Coping skills, relaxation techniques, meditation, and validation are some of those benefits.


The website also keeps people updated on the latest advances in technology, medications, and breakthroughs in approaches. This also serves to educate family members, caregivers, and friends. Information regarding new trials and programs is also included.

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